Coffee auction takes one-month break in May

The coffee auction is set to go on recess in the month of May as the main crop season comes to an end following a decline of high-quality beans for trading.

Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE) has announced that the auction will hold its last auction on May 5 before breaking for one month.

The main crop season started in November last year with the crop sustaining the market up to this month when the ratio of high-quality beans started dwindling.

The auction will now be banking on the short-season crop from eastern and parts of western Kenya when it resumes in June, which will sustain the auction up to November when the main crop coffee is expected to hit the market again.

The auction normally goes on recess around June of every year but this year is breaking early because of a shortage of quality beans to trade.

The low-quality coffee has seen the price of the commodity oscillate between highs and lows during the sales.